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Okay, so I want to do a few MLP art trades. I will open three slots and I will post the rules below.

1) My Little Pony OCs only. No canon characters. Ponies only please (no dragons, gryphons, etc.)
2) You must have a ref that includes a cutie mark (if your ponies has one).
3) First come, first serve.
4) I will have my piece done in a week (at most) and I expect the same from you.
5) Please fill out the information below regarding your OC and I will reply with the same for mine.




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Stop Harper Stamp by Greenpolarbear47 Bad Religion Stamp by KyoraSan We Need Love Too by KasaraWolf Conservation by soyrwoo RIP Mr. Layton by stuck-in-suburbia Canada Stamp by NoNamepje Endangered Animals Stamp by LoungingLemming Help, please... by PixieRiot Fur is for animals stamp by sinuswave-art Do Something. by manticor save the polar bears by stampsbyjesper I hibernate by yarnluv NDP Stamp by acciosnitch STAMP: Real Men Are Kind by Mottenfest Art at 3 AM by blackdahlia Night owl by prosaix Night Owl Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 The Life of a Night Owl by savagebinn Funny Pokemon Stamp by zafara1222 Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS Quoth The Raven Stamp by SailorSolar Leather vs. Fur by alaska-is-a-husky STAMP: Faux. Not Fur by Mottenfest Ravens Stamp by sequelle Oil Spill by dragon-sigma Traditional Art Stamp by darkartificer Revolution Towards Democracy by dragon-sigma Rise Against Fan by Dante3o3 Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold teddy stamp by findyQ

Fun Facts about Me
1. I love politics! I often refer to it as my first love. I discovered environmental studies the following year and it turned out to be my true love but politics is forever in my heart.
2. I want to be Prime Minister one day.
3. I have an Honour BA in Environmental Governance.
4. I love animals. I have an interest in endangered and extinct species. My favourite animal is a polar bear and I have a soft spot for elephants.
5. I love animal print and feathers (and I liked them before they were cool).
6. I love foreign films, B movies, and classic films.
7. I’m a punk at heart.
8. My mom always says, that if I was born in the 70’s, I would have made a good hippy.
9. I am an environmentalist that could be described as an ecocentric, pessimistic sustainable developer.
10. My hero is Nicola Tesla.
11. My wardrobe is vegan (except for a few wool sweaters and a jacket) but I am not a vegetarian or a vegan.
12. My favourite author is H. G. Wells.
13. I live by this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
14. I love chocolate and cheesecake.
15. If you want to know anything else about me just ask me! I don't bite!


Reference Sheet: Cerberus by Greenpolarbear47
Reference Sheet: Cerberus

Name: Cerberus
Gender: Male
Breed: Grey Wolf 
Age: 12
Height: 40 inches (at shoulder)
Weight: 100lbs
Mate: None
Pups: Unknown (but probably has some offspring somewhere)

Personality: Cerberus is evil and sadistic. He only looks out for himself and could care less about what happens to anyone else. He loves to hunt and often kills just for fun. He enjoys seeing other living creatures suffer. Cerberus enjoyed the females and he will enjoy them with or without consent. He is egotistical and rather full of himself. He always plans a few steps ahead especially when it involves something he wants. Despite being a former Alpha, he is a poor leader and treats other likes pawns in a sadistic game of chess. Cerberus is clearly mentally unstable and could fall of the deep end at any moment. Once he feels betrayed, he will never forget and be out for revenge. 

History: Cerberus was born to his Alpha and his mate in a strict but happy pack. He was the runt in the litter of six pups. At a young age, he knew that to become Alpha like his father, he would have to get his brothers and sisters out of the way. As a pup, he began to pick off his siblings one by one and after these unfortunate “accidents” he was the only one of his parents’ children left.

In secret, he began to train his body to become stronger and stronger. He constantly went hunting on his own. Cerberus was becoming impatient and wanted his birthright. When he was confident in his strength and killing skills, he challenged his father for the position of Alpha. The younger wolf was easily able to overpower and kill his father and claimed his new position as leader of his pack.

Cerberus becoming Alpha became the end of the prosperity and happiness of his pack. He began to disregard the needs of his pack for his own gain and used his pack members for his entertainment. His rule caused pack members to turn against each other while still living within the confines of Cerberus's rules. He rules with an iron paw and eliminated anyone who stood against him.

One of the breaking points of Cerberus's leadership was his brutal murder of Helios, his second-in-command, and his family; he claimed the wolf betrayed him by taking an omega as his mate and having a pup secret. The murder devastated the pack and the state grew worse without Helios's kindness to balance out Cerberus's cruelty. 

Two years after Helios was murdered by Cerberus, Ares, a young omega who had been training in secret, challenged him for leadership of the pack. After a long and brutal fight, the younger wolf defeated Cerberus. Ares, in an act of kindness, banished Cerberus from the pack rather than killing him.

For four years, Cerberus wanted the icy tundra alone while plotting his revenge. While observing pack members for the shadows, he heard rumours that Helios's pup (Isis) survived and had returned to the pack. Anger flowed through his veins and he decided that it was time to exact revenge. He would reclaim his position from Ares and he would end Helios's bloodline for good.

After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Isis and her family, he returned to plotting his revenge once again. However, this time he had help from Topaz, the sadistic Alphaess of Canyon's former pack.

-Known as "The wolf with the bloody paws"since his paws are always soaked in blood

Canyon and Topaz belong to soarinwaters

OMG, this has been the longest week EVER! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I don't think I could have made it through another day!
I am personally gonna smack whoever told the kid next door he could practice his guitar in the garage at 2 am. "Give it up, Kid, tonight is not your night!"
I'm super excited for "The X-files" mini-series premiering tonight! It sucks that I will miss part 2 tomorrow night because I have to work late...oh well, that is what the internet is for!
Don't you just love it when a day off quickly becomes a six hour shift? FML

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