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  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Reading: Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes
  • Watching: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Drinking: Water

I had a great Christmas Eve party at my aunt’s and uncle’s house last night. Today, I had a wonderful Christmas except for my brother’s girlfriend coming to dinner but that really can’t be helped (she really made me angry this year and I was exceptionally nice to her).

I got some wonderful presents this year including a Princess Twilight piggy bank, a foot massage device (because my feet are always sore after work), and a giant stuffed polar bear whom I have named Briggs (as in The Northern Wall of Briggs from Fullmetal Alchemist...I love Fullmetal Alchemist, it’s not a crime...). Dad, Mum and Pugsley really liked the presents I got them so I am really happy about that.

Well, I guess that’s it. I had a really log day so I guess I’m off to bed. Thank goodness I have tomorrow off. I could not work tomorrow even if I wanted to.


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Fun Facts about Me
1. I love politics! I often refer to it as my first love. I discovered environmental studies the following year and it turned out to be my true love but politics is forever in my heart.
2. I want to be Prime Minister one day.
3. I have an Honour BA in Environmental Governance.
4. I love animals. I have an interest in endangered and extinct species. My favourite animal is a polar bear and I have a soft spot for elephants.
5. I love animal print and feathers (and I liked them before they were cool).
6. I love foreign films, B movies, and classic films.
7. I’m a punk at heart.
8. My mom always says, that if I was born in the 70’s, I would have made a good hippy.
9. I am an environmentalist that could be described as an ecocentric, pessimistic sustainable developer.
10. My hero is Nicola Tesla.
11. My wardrobe is vegan (except for a few wool sweaters and a jacket) but I am not a vegetarian or a vegan.
12. My favourite author is H. G. Wells.
13. I live by this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
14. I love chocolate and cheesecake.
15. If you want to know anything else about me just ask me! I don't bite!


Arabella by Greenpolarbear47
Name: Arabella Korova
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Species: Cow
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 207lbs
Body Type: Chubby
Occupation: Pediatric Nurse
Personal Style: Feminine clothing, often dresses and skirts.

Personality: Self-conscious, shy, can be nervous at times, kind, sweet, loving, low self-esteem, quiet, will defend someone if she sees them being picked on, submissive towards authority figures especially males, obedient, always willing to help someone no matter the cost to herself, gentle, soft-hearted, intelligent

Arabella is the youngest of four children and the only female. She is the daughter of a farmer and his wife. She was always a disappointment to her father because of her gender and she was constantly ridiculed by her older brothers. Her mother was the only person in her family that supported Arabella and praised her. 

In school, she was always teased about her weight and although with the scorn she got from her father and brothers at home, she became self-conscious and shy. She spent much of her high school years by herself  studying. Arabella had no friends and became withdrawn from any social activities.

As a young child, Arabella knew that she wanted to work in the medical field. As she grew older, she discovered that she also wanted to work with children so she decided that she wanted to be a pediatric nurse. When she was old enough, she moved away to college and studied nursing. When she graduated, she moved to a city far away from her parent's farm and found a job as a pediatric nurse.

Once she moved to the city and found a job, Arabella became much happier and became more friendly even though she was still shy and worried about her appearance. She was able to make friends through work and at her apartment building. She still loves her family, she is much happier in her new life than she was at home.


-Her Weight
-Hot days 
-Rainy days
-The dark
-Alcohol (although she does occasionally drink)
MyM: Cassie's First Kiss

Cassie's first kiss happened very recently, more recent than she would like to admit. She was always nervous when it came to boys; she found it easy to become friends with them but much harder to date them so it was no surprise when she began to date a boy she had previously been friends with. Her first kiss was from a long time friend of hers named Jamal. She had met Jamal three years ago at the Soup Kitchen where they both had been volunteering. The two had become fast friends and went to the Royal Ontario Museum on the second Tuesday of each month since Tuesdays were free for students.

Cassie and Jamal continued with their monthly ritual and they would occasionally text each other but nothing outside of their friendship had changed until last year when he suddenly asked her out for Valentine's Day. Cassie was shocked to say the least and she had no idea what to do; she feared whatever answer she gave she would lose a valued friend. After a few second of internally debating the issue at hand, Cassie agreed to a date.

She liked Jamal, that was not the issue at all. He was sweet, kind, they had similar values, and he was good-looking but he was also a friend. Cassie always weighed friendship more heavily than she did love. To her, boyfriends would come and go but friends were forever.  

Their Valentine's date had been awkward and it seemed more like friends having coffee than a date. After that, they continued their monthly ritual and occasional went out for dinner or to a movie (which Cassie always assumed was a date). It wasn't until three month ago that Cassie found the dates getting more serious. She felt self-conscious and she calculated every move she made or every word she said. Each date became more and more awkward until she began to feel nervous even going to them. She had to avoid thinking of them to even go through with the date.

Before a date, she was dreading it so much until she spoke to Mr. Tuttle who told her not to be nervous and just to be herself. As cliche as his advice was, it really did help her. She was able to relax on the date and even though it was still awkward, Cassie was able to have fun and was able to know Jamal better.

At the end of the night, Jamal walked her to her door. They awkwardly looked at each other for a few moments before he clumsily leaned down and gave her a kiss. Cassie's cheeks glowed bright red as she kissed him back. As quickly as the kiss started, it was over. The two stared at each other nervously for a few more moments before they said their final goodbyes. Cassie went inside with pink in her cheeks and a bounce in her step.

To this day, if anyone asks her about her first kiss, she gets all flustered and replies in a small embarrassed voice, "It was nice...sweet..." She doesn't go into any more detail and how could she? It was nice!
MyM: Cassie's First Kiss

For :iconmeetyourmonster:’s “First Kiss” Valentine event

Okay, so this is a sequel/companion story to MyM: Dating which I wrote back in November. The two tie in so well together.

So yeah, this is Cassie’s First Kiss. It’s nothing really too special.

Cassie and Ace:


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